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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Penny Stock Info

By investing you can make a lot with penny stocks... Yep thats right, the stock market! Dont be scared. I tell you what, if you are worried about losing $100 i have already showed you how to make 10x that quickly in the previous Post. Go there and get started making that money. Best way to make that $100 dollars to get started investing is by going to those sites i have already mentioned. Stocks that i am investing in that you all might want to look into. 

02-12-11- Update....
APCX- is a 6-9 month holding investment from what i can tell. It looks promising.
NWTT- has been silent for a little bit. Any day now could hold great news.
AUCI- is about to release a Press Release the week of Valentines. Very good potential.
EMLL- I feel this stock is going to be a very good investment.

You can go to my search up top and type in these stock symbols and you can find some good information about them. 

NWTT- .0003-Gold mining company- Will be announcing Gold finding and Financial reports soon!
APCX- .0004- Smart phone app developer/telecommunications - Just completed a merger.
AUCI- . 0025- About to do a Reverse Merger(RM) buy back of 400 Million shares!! Should go UP UP!!
                      - This company is an Auction company. Check em out! Always do your own DD.

"Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained"
All of this is my opinion. Invest your money at your own risk.


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