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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Penny Stock - Update!

Alright everyone, If you are playing in the land of the stock market. Did you all see what AUCI two days ago?!? Went from .0025 up to .0124!! That was HUGE gains! I hope you all took the profits! IF you didn't try setting a Limit order to sell your stock at a higher price next time so you don't miss out! My next stock to watch is EMLL. This stock is in the process of doing big things in the Gold Mining region! You can find information about their progress at this link below: 


Always do your own Due Diligence when you are investing!
Its always recommended not to invest in Penny stocks with money you cant afford to lose. Be careful with your investments. All of this information is based in my opinion. 

Don't forget that if you are needing some extra cash to check out my previous blogs! 

As always~ "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained"
Good Luck to All!

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