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Monday, March 7, 2011

Penny Stock Update! APCX!

APCX- is up from where i first posted it here from .0003 to .0016!! You can still get in on this stock as i have already averaged up and bought more at .0008 last week. This company is bringing in A LOT of revenue from Oronoco Telecommunications. More deals are being made as we speak in Argentina and Honduras. They are working really hard in gaining more clients in South America. Projected revenues are around $3,000,000 by years end from Oronoco, says Eric Ottens-CEO of Apptech Global.

 Another Press Release should be out giving us more updates and should keep the PPS going up!! In my opinion if you were to get in now at .0016 you can easily double your money this week alone! Thats my feel for APCX! More updates soon to come!

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